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Africa’s foremost
enabler of business

Put simply, our mission is to provide every input needed for businesses in Africa to thrive.

To date, we have enabled tens of thousands of smallholder farmers to optimise their productivity and profits by opening up access to low-cost finance, technology, energy, seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, transportation, storage, processing and marketing. This is only the beginning.

At the same time as making farming more productive, we are breaking the value-destroying generational cycle of agriculture as the default source of employment — and consequently lower per capita yields— by creating opportunities for ordinary people to build livelihoods in other lucrative sectors.

The key to unlocking these opportunities is infrastructure – physical, online and financial – including clean and reliable energy, affordable credit and every aspect of connectivity.

Ogbia language of Central Delta, Nigeria
Denotes: Presence & Strength
“We are here. We are strong”

Addressing the connectivity challenge

Operating across such multiple and diverse areas is unparalleled anywhere in the world. In Africa, it is essential because our severe logistical challenges are inter-related.


We are the first truly integrated solutions provider tackling barriers for ordinary businesses in Africa. In doing so, we are driving diversification to develop meaningful economic activity beyond the staple sectors of agriculture, minerals and mining to achieve high-value employment and livelihoods across the continent.


Agriculture is the default source of employment in Africa. But over-employment causes lower value per farmer. The more that land is consolidated and activity scaled, the more wealth is generated for farmers, which enriches local economies, and the more people are free to work in diverse and profitable sectors.

Committed to
impact at scale

To date, we have impacted lives of:


Smallholder farmers & their families
In the next 5 years we will enable …
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Earn a decent living currently equivalent to US$600-800 profit per hectare each season

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4.2 Million
Metric tons of new food

Focusing on 5 crops incl. rice, maize, soybeans

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1 Million +
New Jobs

sdg sdg
Women & Youth

Prioritising women and youth in 70% of all activity

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20 GigaWatts
Solar Power

Generating 20 gigawatts of solar power

sdg sdg
$2 Billion
Added to GDP

Adding US$2 billion to GDP (plus multiplier effects)

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400 | 1000 | 5000

400 Combines | 1000 Tractors | 5000 Trucks

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1 Million

Bringing banking to over 1 million unbanked

impact impact
We are committed to drive economic growth and development in Africa by resolving logistical challenges
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Sustainability is at our core, from providing renewable energy solutions to enabling efficient use of transportation
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We are in a hurry: Africa’s growing population requires everyone to contribute to sustainable development

Solutions at scale,
from the word Go!

Historical inefficiencies resolved through technology & innovation

We act as an enabler through first understanding what businesses need and then providing the necessary support.
Missing infrastructure provided to help businesses fulfil their mission

We are systematically and comprehensively tackling every conceivable barrier for small and medium size businesses, providing end-to-end solutions in agriculture, building, manufacturing, retail and services.
Value created & risks offset for companies to realise mass scale

We create integrated value chains by coordinating all essential inputs and infrastructure.

This is why

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    We are the last mile provider of finance, infrastructure and logistics
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    We work on efficient ways to move goods and source energy, among other solutions
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    We provide transparency to verify and ensure trust in providers